Hair coloring

Hair coloring is another popular procedure that allows you to enhance your look and make it more interesting. The masters at PIED-DE-POULE studios have both professional training and extensive experience in this matter.

Types of coloring

In the modern world, there are many hair coloring techniques, each of which is unique and delivers spectacular results. Let's discuss the most popular ones.


Coloring can be used to place bright accents, emphasize volume, interesting haircut shapes. This technique uses up to 15 shades of color at the same time. It can cover

  • Part of the strands
  • The root zone
  • Hair from roots to ends

Coloring doesn't require smooth transitions and can effectively utilize contrasting colors.

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"Highlighting" is a broad term that encompasses various techniques. What they have in common is the partial lightening principle, as opposed to fully coloring the hair in a light shade.

This partial coloring is often used to simulate sun-bleached hair. Different techniques and tone selections allow for achieving different intensities and highlighting effects. Typically, salon clients desire a natural look, as if their hair is always sun-kissed, regardless of the weather.

  1. Balayage is a highlighting method that creates a seamless transition between the natural and bleached sections of hair. During balayage, the stylist applies the lightener without using foils. This results in less contrasting and more natural-toned strands.
  2. Shatush is a type of balayage that involves pre-combing the hair before applying the lightener, creating a burnt hair effect.
  3. Bronzing is an excellent highlighting option for brunettes. Lighter highlights are dispersed throughout dark hair, creating a radiant glow around the face and giving a fresher and younger appearance.
  4. Ombre - the characteristic feature of this highlighting type is that the tips are either significantly lighter or darker than the roots. To avoid a vulgar look, the coloring should be delicately blended and applied with an understanding of coloring rules. Achieving this effect at home is nearly impossible.
  5. Airtouch is a technique where the strands to be colored are selected by blowing air from a hairdryer. By applying color to these selected strands, the stylist creates a subtle touch of color on the hair.

There are other techniques or variations of the previously described techniques: California, Venetian, veil highlighting, etc. All of them produce similar effects and are based on the same fundamental principles.

Highlighting is suitable for hair of any length, but the full range of color transitions and shades is best appreciated on hair length from the shoulder blades and beyond.

And of course, it is not recommended to experiment with highlighting at home. Despite its seemingly simple technique, highlighting requires hours of practice and expertise, as demonstrated by the skilled stylists at PIED-DE-POULE beauty salons.

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Monochromatic coloring

Monochromatic coloring is considered the most popular type of hair coloring worldwide. It involves dyeing all the hair in a single color, either similar to the original or completely different. With the use of professional hair dyes, you can:

  • Make a radical change to your appearance.
  • Conceal gray hair.
  • Try out a new look.

Sometimes women dye their hair in their natural color to enhance its shine and brightness. Transitioning from brunette to blonde is also possible, but it is important to consider that it may require multiple visits to the stylist and does not guarantee 100% fulfillment of your expectations. The outcome largely depends on the hair's natural color and structure.

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Toning is a procedure similar to monochromatic coloring, but it is considered more gentle. The difference lies in the fact that toning products do not penetrate the hair structure to the same depth as professional hair dye.

However, the tone lasts until the hair comes into contact with water or shampoo, usually lasting until the first or second wash.

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Hair coloring for men

Today, men have as much freedom of self-expression as women do. Our professional colorists at PIED-DE-POULE cater to men as well. They are skilled in camouflaging gray hair, dyeing or toning hair to achieve the desired shade, taking into account the unique characteristics of men's hair.

If you are looking to try something new, add vibrant colors, or give your usual look a twist, do not hesitate to reach out to us. The qualified and experienced masters at PIED-DE-POULE salons will help you find the best solution.

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