Men’s hairstyles

Visiting a beauty salon by men has long ceased to be something indecent. Taking care of your appearance is a requirement of the times, a tribute to yourself and those around you. No wonder they say that you can make a first impression only once. A hairstyle will help make this impression perfect.

Modern men's hairstyle is a great field for hairdressers to experiment. There are dozens of types of haircuts and hundreds of possible styling styles, so everyone can find the perfect shape. And with the help of cosmetics and styling products, you can maintain the result. Our salon invites residents and guests of London for haircuts and styling. Experienced masters will consult you and perform all procedures as quickly as possible.

Classic and modern men's haircuts

Men's fashion is no less diverse than women's. Stylists offer the strong half of humanity to emphasize their individual style not only with clothes, but also with hairstyles:

  • Classic. Hair length is 5 cm, shorter at the temples and longer at the crown. The strands are combed back, revealing the face.
  • Romantic. Characteristic features are elongated strands, bangs, and hair gently falling on the forehead.
  • Sporty. The hairstyle is practical and concise. Hair is up to 2 cm long, the master trims it with a clipper. Let's say "fade" - a smoky transition of length.
  • Creative. Everything is possible: from asymmetrical strands and colored curls to patterns and weaves.

When choosing a hairstyle, you need to take into account the features of your appearance, face shape and hair density. A properly selected haircut will allow you to emphasize your strengths and gently hide flaws. For example, the harmonious shape of an oval face will be emphasized by haircuts with a backward comb or bangs. Excessive roundness will be hidden by asymmetrical hairstyles for men, as well as restrained varieties of mohawks. Chiseled cheekbones and a narrow chin are accentuated by short haircuts and hair pulled to the side.

A few words about styling men's hairstyles

Most men's hairstyles require styling. Don't be afraid of it, because the modern arsenal of tools allows you to perform this manipulation easily and quickly. Those with short hair should buy a gel or wax to fix individual strands. Unruly curls can be "tamed" with clay. Long hair can be fixed with pomade or brylcreem.

As for styling tools, you can't do without a hairdryer and several types of brushes. Curly hair can be straightened with a straightener. Remember to rinse off styling products thoroughly to keep your hair looking fresh and clean. Choose a shampoo for your scalp type, not just for your hair.

Men's hairstyles in London

In our salon, anyone can choose a stylish hairstyle or make a styling. Professional hairdressers are ready to turn any idea into reality. To get a consultation or make an appointment, contact the administrator in a way convenient for you.