Beard trimming

In modern society, mustaches and beards are considered a symbol of masculinity. However, simply growing facial hair is not enough to embody the image of a 21st-century gentleman. It requires proper grooming and the use of specialized grooming products. Regular beard trimming at a barbershop is essential for those who strive to maintain a neat and elegant appearance. Our salon specializes in beard trimming and offers competitively priced services.

Styles of beards and features of their cutting

Beard design is a responsible business, because even a small flaw can significantly affect the overall appearance. It is important that the master is a professional and well-versed in fashion trends. Today, there are dozens of beard cutting styles. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Espagnole: The cheeks are carefully shaved, while a small beard around the mouth is connected to the mustache.
  • Anchor: The beard extends along the entire jawline and under the lower lip, while the temples and cheeks are cleanly shaved.
  • Verdi: The sideburns seamlessly transition into a full beard that grows along the entire jawline. The mustache is styled with a curl and is distinct from the beard.

Before cutting the client's hair, an experienced master assesses their appearance and conducts a consultation. The shape of the beard is selected individually, taking into account the client's preferences. Through the haircut, the master can adjust the shape of the face, highlight its advantages, and conceal any perceived disadvantages.

The haircut process involves the use of a trimmer, scissors, and a straight razor. Moisturizing and softening products are applied to the client's skin and hair. The haircut is designed to ensure that the hair appears neat as it regrows over time.

Beard care

A haircut is only the first stage of image formation. To maintain the results, you need to take care of your beard and mustache on a daily basis. Buy a small set of men's grooming products: balm, styling wax, shampoo, and cologne. Use the products regularly, and you will notice how your hair becomes healthier and more beautiful.

Contact the masters of our salon if you need a high-quality beard haircut in London. Qualified specialists will help you enhance your attractiveness using modern tools and techniques.