Spanish hair extensions

All hair extension methods can be divided into two main groups: hot and cold. The first option is relatively cheaper but requires more care for the hair. The second option, known as cold extensions, is considered an advanced technology as it causes less damage to the hair and is becoming increasingly popular.

Spanish hair extensions are a type of cold extension technique where heat is not used to attach the hair strands. Instead, artificial bundles are fixed with glue. It's worth noting that the attachment points are practically invisible. After the hair extensions, you can freely cut, dye, tint, and curl your hair. There is no need to purchase special products for washing or styling.

At our salon, we exclusively offer cold Spanish hair extensions performed by experienced and skilled masters. They will not only ensure high-quality results but also provide a detailed consultation to meet your specific needs.

Advantages of Spanish hair extensions

Modern women can achieve thick and long hair in just a few hours by opting for Spanish hair extensions in the salon. There are several advantages to this procedure:

  • The size of the capsules does not exceed 2 mm. This means that the attachment points of artificial bundles will be completely invisible in the hairstyle.
  • The manufacturer produces the glue in different colors, so both blondes and brunettes can do Spanish extensions.
  • Capsules created with a special glue are extremely durable. They can hold donor hair for a year.
  • The correction depends on your hair growth. You need to visit a hairdresser every 2-4 months.
  • The glue used for the extensions is resistant to fats and oils, eliminating the need to change your favorite shampoo or hair care products after the extension process.

With cold Spanish hair extensions, you can add up to 90 cm in length to your curls, achieving a natural and seamless look. You can continue your regular lifestyle without any restrictions, such as swimming in pools or the sea, enjoying sauna sessions, and participating in sports activities, just as you did before the extensions.

A few words about the technology of Spanish hair extensions

Spanish cold extensions are specifically performed when the natural hair length is at least 10 cm. Donor strands can either be European, which tend to be more rigid, or Slavic, which are more flexible and malleable. The hairdresser prepares the artificial bundles immediately before the procedure, ensuring freshness and quality. The entire process of cold extensions is completely painless.

It is advisable not to wash your hair immediately after the salon visit. To prevent damage to the glue capsules, avoid lying down until they are fully dry. It is recommended to use a fine-toothed comb when styling only dry hair.

With proper care, hair extensions will maintain their attractive appearance for an extended period. If desired, the donor strands can be removed at any time. The hairdresser will apply a special solution to dissolve the joint, followed by gently combing out the capsule using tongs.

At our salon, our skilled specialists offer Spanish cold hair extensions for clients of all backgrounds. Each client receives a personalized extension plan to ensure the desired results are achieved. Feel free to schedule a consultation and ask the hairdresser any questions you may have. Appointments are available to all.

The composition of the glue used for Spanish extensions closely resembles keratin, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions. On average, a single procedure involves approximately 200 artificial strands, and it takes up to 3 hours for the technician to meticulously attach them.