California highlights

California highlighting has become a recent fashion trend. As the name suggests, it originated in the sunny state of California, specifically in Hollywood. This technique gained rapid popularity among celebrities on the red carpet, and soon after, it captured the hearts of countless beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

How California highlights are done

California highlighting is based on the classic lightening technique and is considered relatively gentle as it minimizes contact with the hair roots and scalp. However, it requires special training, experience, and the talent of a skilled stylist. The focus is on natural shades and a soft color gradient, making it suitable for all types of appearances and both light and dark hair.

The end result of California highlighting is strands that resemble a partial sunburn, as if you've been enjoying the beaches of Los Angeles for the past month.

Due to the high level of skill required, only the most experienced and talented stylists at PIED-DE-POULE perform this technique. Achieving a similar "Hollywood" effect at home can be quite challenging.

The key to success and high service in PIED-DE-POULE

The means that we use during coloring can be considered effective and at the same time gentle premium products of world brands, many of which are exclusively supplied to Ukraine for us.

The master will select a combination of colors, tints, and care products for colored strands based on the individual characteristics of the style, condition, and length of the hair. This will allow you to enjoy your new look for a long time.

How much does California highlights cost?

Our policy is to make high-end services affordable so that Poles can enjoy a stylish look similar to Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt.

We follow a transparent price list, but the final cost of the service depends on several factors. Firstly, it depends on the need for additional procedures (which will be explained by the master). Secondly, it depends on the length of the hair. And thirdly, it depends on the amount of consumables required for coloring. You can find out the exact cost after visiting the salon.

Since the procedure is relatively complex, it may require more time compared to classic coloring techniques.

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How to sign up for the procedure

Look at examples of finished work - this way you can accurately assess the level of skill of our staff and determine whether this technique is suitable for your hair. Read the profiles of the masters and choose the one you like the most. Call or submit an appointment request on the website.