The art of hairdressing is constantly evolving to keep up with all fashion trends. For example, standard highlights have undergone many changes but have not lost their relevance. The ultra-modern airtouch coloring technology confirms the aforementioned words. In fact, this involves partial lightening of the hair, but in practice, it is a complex coloring process that can be performed exclusively in the salon.

Literally, the word "airtouch" translates from English as "touch of air". Indeed, air currents play an important role in this coloring process. In our salon, you can get airtouch highlights at an affordable price. Professional masters know all the nuances of coloring and perform the procedure with the highest quality.

Features of airtouch

Today, no one will be surprised by the coloring of individual strands. However, the technique of airtouch is slightly different from any other:

  • The master carefully combs the hair and divides it into separate strands, each no more than 1 cm thick.
  • Starting from the back of the head, the hairdresser takes each strand in their hands and uses a hairdryer to blow it. This is done to separate short, young hairs from the bulk of the hair.
  • A piece of foil is placed under the finished strand, and the prepared mixture is applied, keeping a distance of 3-5 cm from the roots.
  • The duration of the dye exposure depends on the initial hair shade and the desired result. The master closely monitors this process.
  • After the dye has been exposed, the master washes it off and applies a balm to the hair.

It may seem that there is nothing complicated about this coloring technique. However, it is thanks to the blowing of the short hairs that the effect of naturally sun-bleached hair is achieved. The curls look healthy and strong, with a color close to natural.

If the colors are chosen correctly, the transition between tones will be completely invisible. Blondes should opt for honey and copper shades for this technique. Light nut, caramel, and coffee shades will suit brunettes. Owners of light brown hair are recommended to lighten their hair by two or three tones.

Benefits of airtouch coloring

Airtouch coloring will help enhance your attractiveness and accentuate your natural beauty. Here are the undeniable advantages of this coloring technique:

  • Increased volume: The uneven coloring technique adds depth to the strands, creating a play of shades in the sunlight and giving the appearance of lush and well-groomed hair.
  • Versatility: Airtouch highlighting is suitable for women of all ages and looks spectacular on both short and long hair, regardless of the hair type.
  • Safety: With airtouch, not all hair is treated with color, but only specific strands, minimizing potential damage. The majority of the hair remains unpainted, maintaining its health and integrity.
  • Aesthetics: Airtouch allows you to refresh your look without making radical changes to your overall image. The resulting hairstyle appears delicate and stylish, adding a touch of elegance.

Airtouch coloring, the price of which is quite reasonable, retains its original appearance for six months. This is another advantage of this type of highlighting.

Caring for hair colored with airtouch technology

Proper care allows you to preserve the color shades longer and make your hair stronger. Hairdressers recommend using mild shampoos, balms with natural oils, masks, and sprays. Do not forget to nourish and moisturize the ends of your hair, as they are the ones that suffer the most during coloring and require extra attention.

Do not attempt to tint your curls yourself. Airtouch is a type of professional coloring, and it is almost impossible to replicate the procedure at home. If you have any questions or need to make any corrections, please contact the master who performed this coloring.

Airtouch coloring in our salon

Experienced hairdressers at our salon are ready to assist you in achieving a remarkable transformation. Highlighting using the airtouch technology will enhance your appearance, giving it a stylish and modern touch. We exclusively utilize tested pigments and oxidizing agents in our work, ensuring quality results. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we take into consideration all of our clients' preferences, guaranteeing a positive and enjoyable salon experience.

A skilled specialist will guide you in selecting paint shades that harmonize with your features. Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment for the procedure using any convenient method available to you!