Darkening the roots

Overgrown roots in blondes are no longer a sign of untidiness. Nowadays, it is a fashionable type of coloring embraced by many celebrities. It adds naturalness, elegance, and freshness to the overall image. For the best results, root darkening is recommended to be done in a professional salon.

Benefits of darkening the roots

A dark-rooted blonde is perfect for those who want to look spectacular in any situation with minimal effort. By choosing a shade close to your natural color, you can avoid the need for frequent hair coloring. The hairstyle will appear light and voluminous without the use of additional styling products.

Other advantages of darkening the roots in blondes:

  • Suitable for hair of any length;
  • Refreshes the appearance;
  • Hair grows back nicely, without sharp transitions;
  • Emphasizes the beauty of women of any age.

This type of coloring gives an expensive look. Techniques such as shatush, balayage, ombre, sombré, and others are used to achieve it. The transitions between shades can be either dramatic or subtle. When selecting shades, the hairdresser considers the client's color type and appearance.

Platinum and ash blonde, when combined with darkened roots, appear more natural. This coloring technique allows the hairstyle to play with new colors. Warm blonde blends well with chestnut shades, while cool blonde complements black. Even light pink hair can be darkened at the roots to add new accents to the overall look.

Hair care after darkening the roots is similar to that after standard coloring. Lightened hair requires additional moisturizing and nourishment. Owners of cool shades are advised to use products that help combat yellowing.

For your image transformation, it is recommended to entrust our masters. Our experienced hairdressers will select the optimal coloring technique that suits your preferences. The procedure will be enjoyable, and the results will surely exceed your expectations. Schedule an appointment today and unveil your new look to your friends tomorrow!