In the list of professional methods of highlighting, ombre occupies one of the leading positions. Initially, this coloring technique was used to create the effect of sun-bleached hair. Today, ombré is used to transition from dark to light shades, and vice versa. This highlighting is suitable for women of any age, as it looks elegant and modern. Ombre coloring is a specialized service of our salon. If you've been dreaming of changing your image for a long time, make an appointment for the procedure.

A few words about the types of ombre coloring

Ombre is characterized by a noticeable horizontal color transition, and it comes in various types. The most popular type is the soft gradient from dark roots to light tips, which creates a natural and seamless look.

Reverse ombre, on the other hand, involves darkening the ends of the hair while lightening the roots. This option is ideal for blondes and those with light hair. Another option is highlighting with a sharp color transition, which offers a more distinctive and original look. By selecting contrasting colors that complement each other, you can achieve a unique and eye-catching hairstyle.

Colored ombre has become a popular choice among younger individuals. Shades of pink, orange, purple, and green are particularly trendy. It's worth noting that this coloring technique can enhance the appearance of hair of any length, including short haircuts.

Advantages of the "ombre" method

The ombre coloring technique offers several advantages, just like any other hair coloring method. It provides a quick way to transform your look and highlight your best features. By selecting the appropriate color shades, you can visually enhance your facial features and conceal certain imperfections.

Here are some additional advantages of ombre coloring:

  • Versatility. Absolutely every woman will be able to choose her own version of highlighting using this technology.
  • Practicality. If the natural shade is preserved at the roots of the hair, the frequency of repeated coloring is significantly reduced.
  • Variability. An experienced master can perform both smooth and sharp transitions. The color palette is limited only by your imagination.
  • Effectiveness. Ombre coloring gives the hair visual volume and density.

Ombre hair coloring has become a popular and sought-after service, enabling countless women to transform their looks. Schedule an appointment with our salon's professional stylists for highlights and receive expert advice on any questions you may have, as well as learn about the proper care for your hair.