Hairstyles for prom

Prom night is an important and emotional occasion. Preparations for the school prom begin as soon as the date is set. To create a cohesive look, it is crucial to achieve the perfect combination of dress, makeup, and hairstyle. Trying to do it at home may not guarantee that it will remain flawless until the end of the night.

Entrust the creation of a stylish prom hairstyle to the professionals at our salon. Our stylists know how to enhance your natural beauty and are ready to assist you in choosing the perfect look. We offer affordable prices for our services while maintaining consistently high-quality service. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible!

Rules for choosing a hairstyle for prom

When preparing for prom, it's hard not to get confused. Fashion trends change so quickly that it can be difficult to settle on one thing. That is why experts recommend choosing women's hairstyles for prom according to the following parameters:

  • Face shape. Styling can both change your appearance and emphasize flaws. It is extremely important to know your strengths and be able to emphasize them. For example, a high forehead can be hidden with bangs or an asymmetrical strand. Falling curls will allow you to emphasize the shoulder line.
  • The style of the outfit. Loose hair looks good with corsets. A high hairstyle will emphasize the elegance of a fitted dress. Careless buns go well with a pantsuit.
  • The event program. If the evening's program includes dances and competitions, you should make sure that your hairstyle can withstand all these tests.

To make a dramatic transformation, a graduate can resort to hair extensions or hair coloring. Any experiments are allowed under the guidance of an experienced hairdresser.

Options for fashionable hairstyles for short hair

The advantage of short haircuts is that they do not need to form complex hairstyles. To get a spectacular look, it is enough to make a beautiful styling for prom. Careful curls, the effect of wet hair, fixing individual strands - these are techniques for working with short hair.

The finished hairstyle can be decorated with hairpins or a comb, a hoop or ribbons. It is the accessories that add uniqueness to the appearance. Even a single flower in your hair can be the highlight that will turn you into a queen of the ball.

Evening hairstyles for medium length

There are many hairstyles for medium length hair. The most popular are buns, weaves and ponytails. All of these styling styles allow you to look solemn and natural at the same time. For example, a deliberately sloppy bun with a few downward curls is a modern classic of a romantic hairstyle.

Voluminous braids and spikelets that form a fancy weave are good even on thin hair. The ponytail is back in fashion, so its textured variations can be considered an evening hairstyle. High styling allows a young graduate to appear more mature and serious. Rhinestones, artificial pearls, and glitter products are often used as decorations.

Prom hairstyles for long hair

Owners of long hair can afford almost any hairstyle.

Luxurious Hollywood curls will look spectacular with feminine dresses. This hairstyle is great without additional accessories. Knots with a complex weave of strands look expensive and luxurious. Hair will definitely not get in the way while dancing. A professional interpretation of the children's "mallow" is also a stylish hairstyle. The front curls are fixed at the back of the head, and the rest of the hair is curled.

A worthy place in our catalog is occupied by "snails" and "shells". These hairstyles look laconic, so they fit into any look and style. Hair is decorated with rhinestone hairpins, barrettes and wreaths.

The masters of our salon know all the subtleties of creating hairstyles for prom. The price of the procedure is calculated individually and depends on the length of the hair and the complexity of the styling. Come for a consultation to choose the best option and discuss all the details with the hairdresser. On the appointed day, you will turn into a real princess!