The trend towards maximum naturalness has also influenced the field of hairdressing. Instead of uniform color throughout the hair, women are increasingly opting for intricate highlights. The combination of multiple shades and the treatment of individual strands create a light and voluminous hairstyle. This is precisely the effect achieved with "shatush" coloring, which can be done at our salon. Our experienced professionals are well-versed in the nuances of this technique and are ready to assist you with your transformation.

Features of the "Shatush" technique

The "shatush" hair coloring technique involves gently blending the color. Prior to applying the dye, the strands are combed and the process itself takes place in the open air. The coloring is done at least 5 cm away from the roots. These intricacies contribute to a subtle and soft transition between the natural tone and the shades of color.

Shatush coloring looks particularly striking on brown and dark brown hair. Lighter strands appear as if sun-kissed or naturally lightened by the sea salt. The gradient effect is not sharply defined, resulting in a natural and fresh hairstyle. Nude makeup, minimalist jewelry, and clothing made of natural fabrics perfectly complement the overall look.

It's worth noting that this highlighting technique may not be suitable for ultra-short hairstyles, as the color shades may not be clearly visible. However, for medium-length hair, the full range of the color palette can be fully showcased.

Advantages of hair coloring with the "shatush" technique

Shatush allows you to conceal hair imperfections and add new elements to your overall image. Even if you have never colored your hair before, trying out this intricate highlighting technique is worth considering. Here are some arguments in favor of this decision:

  • Gentle effect on hair. The shatush touches the roots - the most sensitive part of the strands. Coloring is performed with non-aggressive compositions.
  • Easy styling. Thanks to the visual volume created by the shatush, styling is no longer difficult. The hairstyle looks elegant, even if the hair is simply gathered in a ponytail.
  • Versatility. Coloring can be performed on almost all hair shades. Shatush will emphasize the beauty of both mature women and young girls.
  • Cost-effectiveness. You will not need to refresh the color often, since the roots are not painted. Light strands retain their original shade and attractive appearance for a long time.
  • Disguise. This type of highlighting allows you to hide the first gray hair and the roots that will grow back.

It's important to note that shatush is a salon-exclusive procedure. It cannot be easily replicated at home. Only a qualified hairdresser can choose the right shades and perform the coloring effectively.

Shatush coloring in London

Every woman can enjoy the benefits of hair coloring using the "shatush" technique by simply making an appointment at our salon. We provide comprehensive information about all the intricacies of the highlighting process, and you will have the opportunity to consult with our specialist. It is recommended to bring examples of the coloring styles you like so that our master can accurately select the desired palette.

The duration of a shatush coloring session typically ranges from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the length of your hair. During this time, you will be able to relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of our salon. Our skilled professionals not only perform high-quality highlighting but also provide guidance on how to care for your hair afterward.