If you want to change your appearance but aren't ready to dye your hair, toning is a great option. This procedure is suitable for any woman, regardless of her hair type. Toning allows for a subtle change in the natural shade by a few tones, without damaging the hair's structure. In our salon, you can get a professional hair toning treatment at an affordable price. Our skilled stylists will assist you in selecting the best color and provide guidance on hair care.

Differences between toning and coloring

Regularly experimenting with hair color using traditional dyes can potentially cause significant damage to the hair. Ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and other aggressive components in dyes can open the cuticle scales, resulting in noticeable color changes, weakened hair, and increased brittleness.

Professional hair toning, on the other hand, works on a different principle. The percentage of alkalis in toning products is minimized. Artificial pigments only penetrate the top layer of the hair cuticle, delicately altering the natural shade. Modern toning formulas also contain ingredients that nourish the hair and add shine to it. The effect of toning typically lasts up to 4 weeks.

Benefits of toning

As mentioned earlier, toning offers several advantages. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Frequent experiments. You can tint your hair regularly because the dye is easily washed off and does not harm your curls.
  • A variety of shades. You can dye your hair in any tone of the dark, red, red, pastel, and even neon palette.
  • Combination with natural color. Proper toning can make the natural shade of hair cooler or warmer.
  • Interaction with dye. Toning products easily remove unwanted undertones after hair bleaching.

Please note that toning is not suitable for radically changing your hair color or lightening it significantly. Similarly, it may not provide full coverage for gray hair. However, salon toning is a great way to transform your appearance temporarily.

Gentle or light toning

If you're looking for a temporary hair color change that lasts for a few weeks, gentle toning is a suitable option. Various tinted shampoos, foams, or mousses are used for this procedure. The coloring pigment is applied to the surface of the hair without penetrating its structure. The tint gradually washes out after several shampooing sessions.

Intensive toning

To achieve a long-lasting tone for 2-4 weeks, semi-permanent products containing ammonia are used. The active chemicals in these products open the cuticle scales, allowing the color molecules to penetrate the hair shaft superficially. As the color gradually fades, there is no sharp or noticeable transition.

Professional hair tinting methods in London

Before starting the tinting process, a professional hairdresser assesses the condition of the client's hair, taking into account factors such as color, structure, and length. Based on a detailed consultation, the master selects the appropriate tinting products.

As for the coloring technique, the most commonly used ones are:

  • Shatush. Ideal for creating the effect of sun-bleached hair.
  • Ombre. Allows you to combine several shades and make a beautiful transition from one color to another.
  • Balayage. Individual strands are colored with similar shades and alternate with each other, making the hairstyle lighter.
  • Toning along the entire length. It is used to obtain a uniform shade.

The quality of hair tinting greatly depends on the expertise of the hairdresser. It is a meticulous and creative process that requires attention to detail and a solid understanding of color theory. By entrusting your hair tinting to the professionals at our salon, you can be confident in the results. An experienced hairdresser will provide a thorough consultation, address your questions, efficiently color your hair, and assist you in selecting appropriate hair care products. You can schedule an appointment right away!