Women’s Haircuts

Hairstyling is one of the "three pillars" that contribute to creating a unique, elegant, and charming image for women. Helping you find "the one" and turning your dream into reality is the task of the skilled hairstylists at PIED-DE-POULE.

An unusual hairdressing salon

The PIED-DE-POULE brand has brought together individuals who are passionate about cutting and transforming hair into something beautiful. They dedicate their heart and soul to their craft, providing personalized service based on years of experience.

We do not offer the services of an average hair salon; we are against mediocrity. Instead, we provide a premium service. Would you like to have your hair styled at the same place where show business stars, TV presenters, and celebrities from the capital do? Visit our contact page to find the address of the nearest branch with our familiar sign.

We believe in transparent pricing and a reasonable pricing policy

How much does a hairstylist's work at PIED-DE-POULE cost? Our price list is transparent and easy to understand.

You can get more detailed information from the consultants - they will contact you within 5 minutes. An exclusive level of service is not a reason to raise the price. It's time to brush your feathers and have fun after visiting our halls!

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From trendy shaggy to foxtail

Is the French name of the company a reflection of the techniques used by specialists in practice?

Yes, we are guided by the highest European standards!

Have you seen the catalog of our work? Nothing speaks more about a hairdresser than their creations. We have every reason to be proud - take a look at the images our magicians create. Here are just a few examples of the haircuts we have done this year.

  • Check out the works of the masters on the website. These are masterpieces of the hairdressing art.
  • Choose a master. Don't be afraid to make a mistake, they are all specialists of an exclusive level.
  • Make an appointment at one of our six representative offices by phone or through the contact form
  • Come for a women's or men's haircut
  • Shine in a new look!

We take into account hair types: we advise and implement

Thin or thick? Long, medium, or short? Hairdressers always take into account the type and condition of hair. For us, the beauty of our clients is not just words. We want you to enjoy your hairstyle, become our regular customer, experiment, join the level of service available in Paris, and try something unusual.

Our hairdressers have not only all the necessary advanced equipment to conjure up your haircut but also cosmetics, paints, and gels of the most famous brands. And experience! Many of our masters have been doing their favorite thing for more than 10 or even 15 years.

Any questions left? Leave your contact and we will call you back