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“Wow, this is really cool. The way you have everything organised, I’ve never seen anything like this before.” – is the most common feedback about our company.

We are an international brand PIED-DE-POULE – a chain of beauty salons. Right now we’re looking for an administrator.

  • If you are fascinated and mesmerised by the work of beauty salon
  • If you like to build relationships with people and you are communicative to such an extent that thanks to your attentiveness, most of the clients will become regular customers of the salon;
  • If you have leadership qualities and are able to enthuse others to achieve goals;
  • If you always pay attention to good service;
  • If you are interested in learning;
  • If you have a strong desire to work as a receptionist and with us, welcome to interview with us.

Your duties will be to take calls from customers and help them make the right choice of a master and service by recording them for the desired time.

Your goal will be to record 9 out of 10 customers who call in.

To achieve this we have a number of in-house training that will give you the knowledge of how to achieve this.

You will receive 30 to 50 customer enquiries per day and you will not have to make cold calls (only the occasional scheduled call with a quality survey to our customers).

We have set up all the processes of the business and you won’t have to deal with the responsibilities of a director as you would in other salons. But it does not mean that in difficult moments you will sit idly by, referring to the fact that it is not your duties.

For the most part, our clients are regulars, which means that there will be no surprises in your work. But sometimes there can be difficult situations with guests, where you need to remain calm and be able to withstand the pressure from the client, solving their problem in a professional and discreet manner.

At the interview you will easily be able to confirm and demonstrate your performance in your previous job or if you have no experience and this is your first job, then your achievements in other areas of life.

The end product of your work will be

  • A welcoming and easy salon atmosphere that can be felt by the client;
  • A satisfied client, signed up for their next visit and a change in their status to a regular client;
  • A cash register of the day.


  • Percentage of client sign-ups out of those referred;
  • Cash register of the day;
  • All craftsmen are comfortable working with


  • Brief daily report in chat;


  • labour remuneration is discussed at the interview;
  • rate + % of the results of each

Work schedule

  • 2/2 from 8.45 to 21.15 (there may be delays with clients who can be separately


  • you will take an internal course on management and management of a beauty salon, which is guaranteed to grow your skills and competences;
  • special prices on services and products for you and your

Career and prospects

Any administrator, showing good results of their work, has the prospect of becoming a senior administrator and then the director of an existing or new salon of the network.

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